Eco Classic

Eco Classic Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Eco Modern

Eco Modern Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Edge Classic

Edge Classic Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Edge Modern

Edge Modern Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Extend Classic

Extend Classic Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Extend Edge Classic

Extend Edge Classic Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Extend Edge Modern

Extend Edge Modern Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Extend Modern

Extend Modern Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Enclose Classic

Enclose Classic Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Enclose Modern

Enclose Modern Garden Offices

A Classic Design

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Garden Offices

Improve your work\home lifestyle balance!

We hear from our clients over and over again how there lives have improved dramatically since using a JUST garden office. Apart from all the Testimonials we regularly receive on the quality of our garden offices, clients are always so happy with the dramatic change in their lifestyle.

We always tend to get similar feedback and comment including: increased productivity, reduced working hours and more time off, no more commuting and rush hour traffic, less stress, the saving they have made and so much more...

Garden Rooms

Additional space for a multitude of uses!

A recent survey has shown that Britain's homeowners are staying put. Homeowners are moving less and less that they did decades ago. The average person will now only move twice in their lifetime! The obviuos reasons are higher house prices, the high cost of moving including stamp duty and agents fees.

There is now a surge in people extending houses and creating space for either work, family or lesuire. A garden room offers the perfect cost effective solution to create additional space at your home and normally without planning permission. A new garden room will cost a fraction of the cost of an extension or loft conversion and will be constructed for an exact cost and not an estimate or guideline cost!

Garden Lodges

Traditional apex roof garden buildings!

Traditional apex roofs are the classic design roofing solution and they are still popular today with many clients. Apex or pitched roofs have a certain aesthetic apeal and are best known for their longevity and durability.

Both apex and flat roofs offer a unique visual appeal for any property. Apex or pitched roofing is seen as the more traditional option, while flat roofing is popular with modern and contemporary designs. As a apex or pitched roof requires a lot more materials, is more complex and time consuming to manufacture, you wil find that the garden lodge prices are more expensive than the equivalent flat roof buildings.

Garden Studios

Bespoke designs and customer ideas!

Although we have a large range of tried and tested designs that can also be adapted to suit particular customer preferences, some clients are looking for something that little bit different. Our studio range is designed to offer a selection of bespoke ideas, again which can be adapted to give you that individual design or function you desire.

We can work with you to design your ideal garden studio, to suit both your space and your budget. We will then build it on site for you with minimum disruption in normally a week or two. We JUST build high quality, fully insulated garden buildings, that are backed by a 10 year guarantee - nothing else!

Garden Pods

The ideal home office\workplace!

The vast majority of UK housing is solely designed for living space and not with the demands of an office or work in mind.

People who work from inside their homes are constantly trying to resolve conflicting issues. Unfortunately trying to operate a business, work space or home office inside a house leads to inefficiency, frustration and stress, on top of the existing headaches of in-house based work.

But it doesn't need to be like this. With a JUST garden pod you can have your own separate remote working space.

Soundproof Garden Rooms

Turn it up to the maximum!

Our outdoor soundproof garden rooms comprise of the standard garden room construction with the added benefit of an internal secondary ""room within a room"" construction.

The internal room comprises of a multi- layer combination of specialist sound absorbing acoustic materials. The inner room is decoupled from the outer structure using isolation connectors and internally lined with a sound absorbing barrier mat and a double skin of specialist acoustic plank boarding. The use of specialist materials and acoustic solutions in all the walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows to control noise creates the perfect practice or recording space.

Soundproof Rooms

Reducing noise pollution!

A range of high quality modular sound proofrooms for indoor use. Our soundproof rooms achieve superior sound control and isolation and are currently use in both professional and home environments.

Uses include: Vocals,Voice Over and Voice Acting, Musical Practice and Rehersal, Home and Professional Recording, Instrument Recording, Production Suites, Drum Enclosures, Film and Television, Broadcast and Podcast, University and Eduction, Government and Military, Audiology and Medical Testing, Trade Shows, Advertising and Marketing, Scientific Testing, Consumer Testing and Product Evaluation, Quiet Rooms and Sensory Booths, Telephone Booth, Meeting Pods and Rooms.

JUST Garden Offices & Buildings - A Truly Bespoke Service!