The Benefits Of A Just Garden Office

  • A Better Work\Home Lifestyle Balance
  • Save On Fuel, Parking Fees & Congestion Charges
  • Avoid Peak Rush Hour Traffic
  • More Productive Working Hours
  • Reduced Distractions - Less Time Wasted
  • Eliminate The Commute To Work
  • Quieter & More Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Less Stress & Increased Happiness
  • More Time With The Family
  • Environmentally Friendly


Improve Your Work\Home Lifestyle Balance
With A Just Garden Office

We hear from our clients over and over again how there lives have improved dramatically since using a JUST garden office. Apart from all the Testimonials we regularly receive on the quality of our garden offices, clients are always so happy with the dramatic change in their lifestyle. We always tend to get similar feedback and comment including: increased productivity, reduced working hours and more time off, no more commuting and rush hour traffic, less stress, the saving they have made and so much more...

Garden Office With horizontal pannel upvc window, the end product you can expect

Why Working From Home Is The Future

The vast majority of UK housing is solely designed for living space and not with the demands of an office or work in mind. People who work from inside their homes are constantly trying to resolve conflicting issues. Unfortunately trying to operate a business, work space or home office inside a house leads to inefficiency, frustration and stress, on top of the existing headaches of in-house based work. But it doesn't need to be like this. With a JUST Garden Office you can have your own separate remote working space.

There is no doubt, technology has made the world a smaller place. We are all better connected and it has now become so easy to work from home. Whether its phone calls, emails, skyping, video conferencing, paperwork or simply getting pther work done, it can all be carried out remotely without the need to travel to a work premises. These types of remote-work situations are now so common for both employed and self employed people. In the modern business world, remote employees are just as much a part of a company's culture and success as their in-office colleagues. Interestingly more than half the UK workforce now spends time working from home.

In fact it has never been easier to work from home. It is now much easier than ever to co-ordinate the work of individuals from around the UK or even the World. As we all now have instant access to the internet from our computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones and their are hundreds of tools that have been created to make the remote process effortless.

Many companies have built successful businesses providing people the freedom to work from home. In short they realise that STUFF GETS DONE! - Faster, cheaper and more efficiently and produces increased happiness amongst employees. These companies understand that travelling to a workplace office does not equal productive work. In a recent workplace study it was discovered that on average an office worker is interrupted every three minutes. In fact, once fully distracted from a specific task, it can take over 23 minutes for that office worker to refocus on their original task.

See What our customers say

  • using you garden office as a new home office

    Just Home Office

    A garden office is everything you need for a safe, secure and convenient place to work from at home, A home office has now become a key place in the working ecosystem. Phone calls, emails, skyping, video conferencing, paperwork - everything is possible from minimal space at the bottom of your garden.

  • need a quite location to do telework during the day then a garden office is for you

    Just Teleworking Office

    One of the most popular uses for our office is for telecommuting, telework, or teleworking. As most teleworkers do not commute to a central place of work. You can easily work from a garden office using modern technology to keep in touch with your business. Jobs can be relocated to places where it is more attractive, more convenient or cheaper to live.

  • have you out grown your small office in the spare room get a custom built garden office

    Just Freelance Office

    Whether its for remote online creative freelance work including: music, journalism, publishing, editing, content work, translation or somewhere to work on that important project, a well designed office is the ideal home work solution away from any possible interruptions.

  • no room at home internally then use your garden for a new garden office outdoor building fully wired

    Just Start-up Office

    We have manufactured and installed numerous offices for new start-up companies. Most new companies want to avoid high rents and long office lease agreements during the early years. Our stylish, long lasting building techniques will provide you with a supreme garden office building that is better insulated, more energy efficient and acoustically quieter than most houses.

Why Choose A Just Garden Office ?

As our name suggests, we only manufacture and install garden office structures. We just don't do garden sheds, stable blocks, gazebos, log cabins, fence panels or anything else. This is why our clients trust us. Here at JUST we only specialise in creating and making the finest fully insulated garden office structures. We do not compromise on quality and with years of research and experience we know what people expect for a professional home office or garden office.

We have perfected a range of garden office designs that can if required be adapted further to suit your needs. You can also choose additional options such as: Bespoke door and window sizes, aluminium door and window profiles, internal wall partitions and doors, western red cedar timber cladding, kitchenette and your own personal fittings. We build each garden office to your exact specification. If you know you need a garden office, but you are not sure where to start, talk to us, we will give you honest advice every step of the way.

We will build you a high specification garden structure, one that will last a lifetime and greatly improve your working life for the better. JUST offer the most cost effective solution for your home garden office requirements. We are a truly open and transparent company who will provide you with a fixed price with no hidden extras or surprises.

We will work with you to design the prefect home garden office solution, to suit both your space and your budget. We will then build it on site for you with minimum disruption in normally a week. Talk to the experts at JUST Garden offices, Remember We JUST build high quality, fully insulated garden offices, that are backed by a 10 year guarantee - nothing else!

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Garden Office in the summer sun, One of our larger office installs

Just Garden Offices - A Truly Bespoke Service

Unlike the vast majority of garden office companies we do not use prefabricated panels or modular sections that offer no flexibility in the design, construction and finished product.

All JUST Garden Office structures are hand built on site by professional joiners and tradesmen. We use traditional timber framed construction which allows you the client to be in total control of the design and finished garden structure. Trying to decide where everything needs to go prior to the installation team arriving tends to create stress and disappointment if its not exactly as you perceived the garden office would be.

We are the garden office experts and from experience we know the problems you need to solve. Our bespoke service enable you to decide on site (during the construction stages) exactly: where you want the doors and windows positioning, what height to position a window to accommodate a desk, where to put the light switches, electrical sockets (including last minute additional ones!),any heating options, running internet, telephone, alarm cabling inside the timber walls (and not stuck on afterwards). The list goes on but rest assured the installation team will guide you every step of the way. Our aim is always to provide you with the perfect garden office and 100% customer satisfaction!

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Garden Office Pods

If you're looking for a range of Garden Office Pods, all of our designs are available in a super compact 2.5m x 2.5m. Whilst it is possible to get smaller garden pods, we strongly believe that they just aren't useable as an office space; once you've put a desk & chair in, you've already used a considerable amount of floor space which is why we don't recommend any smaller than our suggested size. If you're able to fit a slightly larger office pod into your garden, our sizes go up in 0.5m increments, right up to 10m x 3m.

We would say that the optimum Garden pod size is 3m x 3m. If you're feeling uncertain, the best thing to do is to head out to your garden and mark out the space so that you can better visualise it. Also make sure to bear in mind that the measurements are the outside measurements and not the internal dimensions when doing so.

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