Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Whilst most of our garden office installs don't require planning permission, it is always worth checking with your local planning permission office to make sure that you're in full compliance in order to avoidance any repercussions.

If you are, that's great as the constant worry during install isn't worth it. If you don't meet planning permission, the worst outcome is that you'll need to remove your new garden office from the location and restore any previous buildings to the site, so make sure to bear this in mind.

What Are You Lead Times?

We often run at a 2-4 week lead time from the placing of the order to our installers turning up at your door.

We do have busy and quiet periods during the year however, so if you're wanting to know our current turnaround time, please give our friendly sales team a call and they will be able to update you.

How Long Will You Be On-Site?

Typically the average smaller and medium sized garden offices are completed in 5 working days with the larger ones taking up to 10 working days to complete.

The only thing that may cause an install to take longer is the British weather. If a torrential downpour happens on the second day of your install then we are usually unable to work on the framework. If it's once the inside is been fitted, then it tends to cause less of a problem and your garden office should be completed in the projected timescale.

How Close Can I Go To My Boundary?

At the time of writing, any garden office with an internal floor space of 15m² can be positioned up to 0.5m to any boundary.

Offices over 15m² need to be 1m away from any boundary lines.

How Do I Prepare My Site Area?

The installation site must be free of any current structures such as sheds or greenhouses, large boulders or rockeries.

Ideally a clear area of soil or grass will suit us. If the installation site is sloping or not entirely level, please contact our sales team prior to order so we can be prepared.

What About Parking And Access?

We usually have 2 vans working on any one site at a time and we require parking for at least one of these. The vans are 7m long as they are a long wheel base van.

Clear access to the installation site is necessary but we can work around side entrances and possibly even through the house. If direct access isn't available please contact our sales team.

What Space Do You Require For Construction?

We will build all of our garden offices on site.

Our fitting teams require at least 0.5m of space around each side of your new garden office for installation purposes.

Do You Need A Concrete Base?

It's very rare that we need to put a full concrete base down.

We've been using our current base system for over 10 years and are yet to encounter any issues with either the structural integrity or installation on site.

What About The Electricity Supply ?

All of our Garden offices come with electrics installed and fully tested by a qualified electrician. You'll be given your PART P certificate once your garden office is complete.

All you need to do then is get your local electrician to connect your house supply up to your new garden office.

What About Insulation And Building Regulations?

All of our Garden offices are fully insulated and manufactured on site to the latest building regulations.

Are Your Garden Offices Fully Plastered?

Inside all our garden offices you will find traditional plaster boarded and skimmed walls and ceiling. The inside of your garden office will be finished to the same high standards as a new house. A luxury plastered interior gives a warm, elegant surface finish and will help with sound insulation and improved energy efficiency.

We do not install any sub-standard finishes to the walls or ceilings to cut costs, such as metal, vinyl, melamine or plastic boards. Instead we take the time and effort to professionally plaster board plaster the inside to give our customers the ultimate internal finish to their garden office.

What About Timber Treatment?

All garden offices are as standard clad in European Redwood timber which is tongue and grooved profile. All of our timber is fully certified either by PEFC or FSC and obtained from a sustainable forest.

All of our external facing timbers are pressure treated with Tanalith E wood preservative. This offers long term protection against the elements, decay and insect attack. Over the years the timber cladding will natural fade and lose its colour, turning it to a light grey. If you'd prefer to keep the colour, we recommend using a wood stain to add colour back into the wood and offer extra protection, even though it's likely to not be needed.

Are The Doors And Windows Insurance Approved?

Yes. All opening windows have key locks on the handles and doors have locks on the handle unit with multiple keys.

The locks have multi locking points and are manufactured by the leading lock company, Yale. Locks are also anti drill to provide you with the most secure doors possible.

Can I Have Bespoke Doors And Windows?

Of course, it's your garden office at the end of the day. You will need to speak to our sales team before you order so we can get an idea of accurate sizes and pricing.

Most of our garden office customers are happy with the dark grey/anthracite colour scheme as it blends in naturally and gives a beautiful look and finish to your new garden office, but we can also offer many other different colours.

Please contact us for details and costings.

Can I Have Internal Walls, Doors, WC or a Kitchenette?

Yes, whilst its easier to get these things planned out at the point of order we are still able to alter internal walls whilst in the construction phase, but the sooner you can let us or your fitting team know, the better.

Our teams are also happy to work with local plumbers if you'd like to install an internal toilet or kitchen in your office.

What About Heating?

Our garden offices come with a 1.5kwH slim line heater which should be more than enough to keep your garden office warm through the chillier months, due to the excellent thermal properties that our garden offices have.

If however during a harsh spell you find that your office is getting a little chilly or the 1.5kwh heater isn't enough, we would recommend a small and affordable 2kwh heater.

Do You Supply Bespoke Garden Offices?

Its becoming more frequent that customers ring us up asking for a bespoke sized garden office, and we are always more than happy to accommodate this.

Not everyone falls for one of our standard sized garden offices, and you may just require a small one person office due to space constrictions. We are able to accommodate everyone. You won't be able to order this online however and will need to speak to one of our sales team directly.

What Guarantee Do You Give?

We only use the best quality materials as we know that they will outperform skimping on lower cost or second grade options as in the long run, this means that you will get an inferior end product.

We offer a 10 year guarantee against any structural defects and all of the glazed units have a 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Everything else is covered for 1 year, if you have any problems once we have left site, please call our sales team who will be more than happy to get any issues rectified quickly for you.

What Do I Do If I Am Interested In A Garden Office?

Whether you're wanting to know more about a Just Garden Office or want to place a deposit then feel free to call our sales team on FREEPHONE: 0800 170 1273.

You can even place your order online if you're looking for one of our standard sized garden office and are happy with proceeding this way.

We also have our showroom located in Ripon, North Yorkshire, and are happy to show you room our in house garden offices, and complete your order here if required.

How Do I Place An Order?

To place an order we require a 50% deposit. Once the deposit has been paid, a receipt, order confirmation and an installation start date will be provided to you. The 50% balance payment will become payable upon completion of the garden office.

If you would like to talk to a member of our friendly staff about our garden offices, we would be very happy to hear from you. You can even call us free on FREEPHONE: 0800 170 1273 (It's free to call us from either a mobile phone or a landline).

If you would like to talk to a member of our friendly staff about our garden offices, we would be very happy to hear from you. You can even call us free on FREEPHONE: 0800 170 1273 (It's free to call us from either a mobile phone or a landline).