If you are wondering what to do and don't know where to start, please give us a call, its totally free to call us from either a mobile phone or a landline: FREEPHONE: 0800 170 1273.


An initial conversation is a great place to start. You can ask as many questions as you like and we can give you advice on all aspects including: different designs, sizes, materials, construction methods, on site installation, planning permission etc. etc. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge about garden offices and they are happy to share it with you.

Let us know what you what requirements you have including any options and we will give you a no obligation fixed price for the whole project (no hidden surprises!). We will also send you our comprehensive colour brochure, information pack and price list which includes all the options available. Alternatively you can visit our new indoor showroom in Yorkshire and see all our garden offices first hand and speak to someone face to face.

Site Details

To ensure that we can build your garden office without any problems and in the space you want us to build it we need know if the site area is unobstructed.

In short the site area needs to be clear of anything including: trees, rocks, etc. and is that the site area is relatively flat or not. We also need to know if access to the site area is either through a garage, side gate or house. We also need some information about the parking that is available at your house.

We might ask you to provide some information via email or some photos of the site area and access.

Planning Permission

Depending upon the size of garden office chosen we will let you know how close we can install the garden office to your house and garden boundaries.

To comply with the current planning permission permitted development rules we have to have a minimum distance between the garden office and your house and garden boundaries. All our garden offices are designed, manufactured and installed on site to comply with the permitted development regulation.

In 95% of all cases you will not require planning permission however there are a few exceptions. It is very IMPORTANT that you the client check that you are allowed to have a garden office in your property. Please see our separate page on planning permission.


Once everything has been confirmed and you are happy to proceed you can then place your. Once the order has been placed and accepted by ourselves we will confirm your order details and arrange a suitable installation start date.

To place a new order with us we require a deposit of 50% of the total purchase order value. Please do note the deposit is 100% fully refundable should you have to cancel the your garden office order prior to the organised installation date.

Installation Start Date & Construction

On the chosen installation start date the fitting team will usually arrive early in the Afternoon / PM on the first day ready to get started (Typically a Monday). The fitting teams load all the components in the early morning and then travel to the site. Most garden offices are constructed on site within 5 days (weather permitting) The fitting team will remain on site until your garden office is completely finished.

All JUST Garden Offices are hand build on site by professional joiners and tradesmen. We use traditional timber framed construction which allows you the client to be in total control of the design and finished garden office. Trying to decide where everything needs to go prior to the installation team arriving tends to create stress and disappointment if its not exactly as you perceived the garden office would be.

Garden Office Experts

We are THE garden office experts and from experience we know the problems you need to solve. Our bespoke service enable you to decide on site (during the construction stages) exactly: where you want the doors and windows positioning, what height to position a window to accommodate a desk, where to put the light switches, electrical sockets (including last minute additional ones!),any heating options, running internet, telephone , alarm cabling inside the timber walls (and not stuck on afterwards).

The list goes on but rest assured the installation team shall guide you every step of the way. Our aim is always to provide you with the perfect garden office and 100% customer satisfaction!

Once Completed

Once the garden office is finished one of the fitting team will show you around your new garden office and make sure that you are entirely happy with the end product. The fitting team will make sure that the site area is left clean and tidy.

A fully qualified electrician shall then visit you to test the internal garden office electrics. He will provide you with the electrical certificate (Part P) in readiness for your electrician to join the supply from the house to the garden office.

The 50% balance payment will then become payable for your new garden office.